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CS Wong International Ltd aims at being among the leading trading companies in its area of expertise, namely import & export, in the next five years. We are located in the Freeport of Mauritius and since 2003 and we have been trading in hardware, handtools, electric power tools, workshop machinery and consumables like abrasives, welding products, safety outfit, etc…

The company’s mission is to supply prompt solutions and provide after sales service to all its customers through the sourcing of quality products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Product knowledge comprising technical information and training for the effective use of products and imparting same to customers are an essential part of the services offered.

We specialize in

(1) Industrial Cutting & Grinding Discs for Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum.
(2) Abrasives for cleaning & polishing welded stainless steel & aluminum to satin & mirror finish.
(3) Welding products Tig filler rod, Mig wire and stick electrodes for steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
(4) Industrial Safety Equipment : Safety helmets, safety harness, working gloves, safety shoes & boots, respiratory masks.
(5) Pipe & fittings Bureau Veritas approved.
(6) Workshop equipment : lathe machine, radial drill, vertical bed milling machine.
(7) Portable Electric Power Tools and Air tools.
(8) Accessories: Drills, Rope, Paint brush, Chain Hoist, Tape, Air Hose, and Welding Hose.

ISO 9001 Certification